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MiCloud Engage Contact Center

The Benefits of Selling Mitelā€™s CCaaS Solution

  • When selling CCaaS through Mitel, the benefits are clear:
  • Substantial commission rates based on selling volume
  • Expert Contact Center Sales Specialists and Engineers to help sell
  • Pre-packaged customizable marketing campaigns:

    Co-branded and designed to move your prospects along the buyer's journey
    Simple to execute your marketing strategy so you can generate leads, fill your pipeline and close opportunities
    Campaign-in-a-box that includes compelling e-mails, landing pages, videos, collateral, and other assets

    • Certified Professional Services and Technical Support Technicians

    Why should you sell MiCloud Engage Contact Center?

    MiCloud Engage Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) gives businesses the freedom to build fully
    personalized contact center experiences, simplify agent experiences, gain actionable data at every level of their organization and easily scale up, down, and out as the flow of business dictates.

    With unparalleled configurability and customization capabilities to meet the most complex requirements, MiCloud Engage Contact Center effortlessly integrates with existing systems and instantly scales on demand without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security.

    Contact your local Mitel specialist today, to learn more about the benefits for you and your customers when you sell MiCloud Engage Contact Center.


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